The Art of Enamel

Enamel is one of the most historic and versatile methods of creating luscious color. The wonderful art of adorning jewelry with enameling  has been practiced since ancient times and it is noted for its captivating decorative effect. The beautiful fusion of fired glass and metal allows for captivating colors to adorn jewelry. Unlike paint on metal which has a short-life with an obscure look, enamel provides a long- lasting, durable and luscious color finish.
Expert jewelry enamelist, Sinork Agdere, has devoted many years to mastering the art of enameling and his work is here to speak for itself. Agdere is known for his labor intensive work, dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship. Devoted to perfection, every piece is worked on with great care and patience.

Enamel Repair and restoration is a very specialized and delicate task. Contemporary jewelry designer and artisan, Sinork Agdere, takes pride in reviving and restoring enamel jewelry.