Sinork Agdere is one of the few jewelry designers focused on artistically-inclined jewelry, created for connoisseurs of fine art and high fashion.

 Sinork started showing interest in creative arts such as sculpting, painting and design at a very young age. 

When he was 14 years old he became an apprentice to a renowned artisan and goldsmith in a small workshop in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul. With endless curiosity Sinork sat next to his mentor day in and out watching him work for nearly six months before he had his first chance to touch a piece of metal and start working on it. At that moment, he knew this was it... His curiosity had just turned in passion! The first piece of jewelry he has ever made was in this very studio and the bench where he got to experience his true calling. 

Over time and endless dedication, Agdere built a strong foundation of knowledge of the industry along with technical skills to pursue his dream of opening his own workshop.

And after a decade of hard work he finally had a creative space to call his own in the jewelry district of Grand Bazaar, Istanbul! At this time, he really focused on perfecting his art while he immersed himself in jewelry history and design periods. He drew much inspiration from thousands of years of history from Anatolian civilizations, rich cultural heritage spanning the ancient empires such as Egypt, Roman, and Byzantine and more recent Europian design periods of Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Jewelry enameling has become a crucial component to his designs and creative process. 

He fell in love with the romance and timeless beauty of colors he found in antique jewelry. So he taught himself the most historic and versatile method of creating luscious colors, jewelry enameling. "The beautiful fusion of fired class on metal allows for rich colors to adorn jewelry and it is so captivating" says Agdere. 

After years of designing jewelry, Agdere made a name for himself with his recognizable style.

Sharing his creative vision by exhibiting in the most fashion forward cities and prestigious jewelry shows in Europe. He built a strong and loyal following of clients along with industry professionals who turned into a network of friends in time. 

In 2002 Sinork left Europe to start a new life in the United States.

In California, he opened his doors to the atelier Lord Jewelry in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles jewelry district and devoted himself to creating fine jewelry that fused his distinctive old world European flair with high fashion. 

Years later Sinork continues designing and crafting one of a kind fine jewelry. 

Sinork Agdere, an artisan of jewelry trained as an apprentice since his early childhood, is considered as an artist in the international level after over 40 years of dedication to his world wide renowned quest to revive the old world style jewelry with a modern twist.