Sapphire Rings by Lord Jewelry Featured x JCK Online

Sapphire Rings by Lord Jewelry Featured x JCK Online

Designer Sinork Agdere has christened this colorful quintet Rock Candy, but the hues of its rose-cut sapphires, paired with Agdere’s signature enameling, reminds me of some of my favorite summertime treats: Italian ice (watermelon and lemon, please) and Good Humor popsicles.

Brittany Siminitz profiled Lena earlier this year, with a focus on her Instagram presence—she described her as a “ray of light” before the world descended into chaos. Now the effect of Lena’s warm, positive vibes is even stronger (and it’s a quality that makes her ideal for another role she plays, that of copresident of the Women’s Jewelry Association’s Los Angeles chapter).

The look and feel of Rock Candy speaks not only to the simple joy of enjoying something sweet but also embodies the radiance father and daughter both put out to the world.

Once upon a time, in a JCK Insider interview, the elder Agdere cited a quote from Rumi as one of his personal mantras: “Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”

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