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Is There Any Gem More Marvelous Than Moonstone? 


When I sought out to write a post about June’s birthstone, I immediately started picking out pearls. After all, the pearl is not only one, but arguably the most popular, of this month’s birthstones. I wrote about why I think the oceanic gem is such a fitting representation for June in last week’s Britt’s Pick, a chain bracelet dangling a baroque pearl by Zoë Chicco.

The thing is, I like pearls. But I don’t looooove pearls. I enjoy featuring them in impressive designs because I don’t do it often, so it feels novel (that word, by the way, is all but ruined by this pandemic). But that’s why it was such a major “duh” moment when I realized that pearl is not the sole birthstone of June and that one of my absolute favorite (if not the favorite) stones is. Magical, mystical moonstone!

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