Interview with Lena Agdere by JCK Magazine

Interview with Lena Agdere by JCK Magazine

An in-depth interview with Lena Agdere by JCK Magazine

"At a time when stress can be high, and social media—as necessary as it feels for brands and individuals to be a part of—can be sort of a drag. Even Instagram is aware of how downright depressing time on its app can be (the catalyst for its testing of like-count removal), and at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to do our best.

But then there are people like Lena Agdere. Jewelry designer and one part of the father-daughter team that is Lord Jewelry, she’s a ray of light that shines on platforms like Instagram.

We all (hopefully) know how nice it feels to get a supportive comment on a post. Or to follow someone on social media who inspires us. But how many of us can say we are those people, or that we go out of our way to lift the spirits of others? Lena is. In fact, she’s like 30 of those people. She sends notes of love and encouragement—DMs and handwritten—to friends and followers, she shares inspiring tidbits for captions, she’s just generally supportive of others in the industry and it shows. And she makes it her mission to empower others.

There’s evidence of this through the jewelry she creates with her father, Sinork Agdere, too. A creation by Lord Jewelry is totally drool-worthy, but it leaves more of an impression on you than that." -  by

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