A Visit to Rainbow Falls

We find great inspiration in nature. The diversity of shapes, patterns and colors found in nature inspires and influences us in profound ways. Nature has the power to transform us because it infuses all of our senses while removing all distractions to allow for a deeper connection. So for us, there is no place better than the great outdoors to find and maintain inspiration.  

A recent visit to the Rainbow Falls, located in Mammoth Lakes California, was just what needed to remove distractions, immerse ourselves in the beautify of what is around us, and pay full attention to the inner force that wants to create and express. 

Rainbow Falls is a beautiful 101-foot single drop waterfall that leaps over volcanic cliffs and plunges into a pool of turquoise water below. And best of all, the waterfall delivers on its name flashes frequent rainbows. The hike is about 5-miles round trip with some of the most beautiful views of mountains along the way. If you find yourself in Mammoth Lakes make sure to visit Rainbow Falls for a day hike you will remember forever. 

There were no rainbows due to cloudy skies during our visit so we brought our own... Rainbow Sapphire Stacks at Rainbow Falls by yours truly