23.16-carat Pink Diamond Recovered in Tanzania

Petra Diamonds has recovered an extremely rare  23.16 carat pink diamond from its Williamson mine in Tanzania.

“Pink diamonds are only found in a handful of mines throughout the world and their rarity ensures that they are one of the most highly coveted of all the fancy colors,” the company said in a statement.

The pink diamond, which Petra said has “exceptional color and clarity,” is the company’s most significant recovery to date from its Williamson mine.

Petra has sold the 23.16-carat pink diamond recovered from the Williamson mine in Tanzania into a partnership for $10,050,000 ($433,938 per carat). Under the terms of the agreement, the miner also retains a 20-percent interest in the sales proceeds from the resultant polished.

“This sale result affirms that the market for high quality colored diamonds remains robust,” said Petra CEO Johan Dippenaar. “